August 2011



 I have returned to FAWE with the intention to share my new experience to be youth delegate with youth section;  besides an introduction about my living and working abroad far from my usual environment as well as the activities I have achieved, i took opportunity  to discuss again and exchange more about the issue of Sexually Transmitted Diseases even HIV/Aids.  As long as I had time, Idid talk about the aspect of Active Choice, the way of Transmission, Consequences, Symptoms, Treatment, how they could be protected and look after their own health even how they could be protected    against any kind of abuse such as tobacco smoking, alcohol, prostitution, and take part as possible they can to spread knowledge on it and their prevention.


 As we have advertised and announced in different Secondary School of Kigali from 8th to 12th August, we have planned with others volunteers to manage and supevise the young student between 6 to 18 years old during their holidays in other to involve them to know more the Rwanda Red Cross Activity as well as to deal with them in different topic of education instead of staying at home doing nothing. 

From Monday to Friday the schedule were overloaded whereby most of the time were to enjoy different kind of games which kept message of mainstream education 



July 2011



FAWE means the Forum for African Woman, is one among the secondary  school in Kigali city which represents a movement in Rwanda to promote Education for all woman and girls where all students are boarders, they lived at school. Through my plan of activities which are follow up work for this two month July and August, I have visited this school in order to strengthen the Red Cross youth section and exchange experience. It was interesting to discuss and see theirs reactions when we started to talk about Sexual Health and theirs experiences, how they have to be carefully during their holiday as it was the end of the quarter.I got time to talk in over-all about HIV/AIDs, way of transmission, treatment and the conclusion to be protected and carefully forasmuch is still a matter that affects both party now and in the future. 



 It was exciting to reviewing again the areas we are ever seeing  since ten month ago, along with friends and colleague. Arrived in Rwanda Red Society, first of all we met our Secretary General to report our mission and achievement activities then after one week as we were scheduled, we made our presentation to all staff of Rwanda Red Cross about our exchange experiences through a power point and small movie which is encompassed all activities done and challenges, it was interesting with a lot of time of question. Afterward we got a speech of representative of Secretary General of appreciation and permission to sharing our experiences to the volunteers throughout  the country.  


On 23th july 2011, I have been at KIE (Kigali Institute of Education)  for a visit of  youth section volunteers and participate to the event whereby they have organised to present theirs achievements during this last year. It was very interesting their target as a way of  recruitment, dissemination of  Red cross Principles and the way they might use it. The event was started on 12PM to 04 Pm and ended by given the certificate to the student who have had a training about First Aid and they played a sketch where they demonstrate how they should save a person through a Games.

Enjoying by KIE Youth Volunteers



The way that leads to my Home ''Rwanda''

  There is nothing wrong in the life, but the truth is:  they will not  in and of themselves bring you authentic happiness…  I can ‘nt imagine how much is the feeling and pleasure you get, when you meet again yours family, friends, place, environment that you had missed for long time.   

Rwandese social life

That is really happiness and have made my life so wonderful: otherwise this was as well a way to improve how is very extensive and considerable what call ”Patriotism” wherever you should live so far your home, always you still feel some things missed…. Nothing is comparable to the happiness you feel as long as you should improve the relationships, get involved to your origine community and share your joy to your close friends and family.



June 2011


It is so sad to leave in general what you are already get used but the Important in the life is to know how you should used well the opportunity you have gotten in whatever you meet, new friends, new colleagues, environment, social life, new culture, … I can’t say those new had made a part of my life whereby I couln’t never forget it. I did learn more about life, how I can solve on my self some problems under unique circumstances and be able to overcome the fear of the unknown. We had a good party prepared by Red Cross Staff and wonderful gift which is a beautiful book of Southern Norway. It was a great pleasure and I appreciate. I thank for all they have done for us, i don’t know where I should start but I recognize their great heart for help us in all and wish them the best.



May 2011



 Each Year on 17th of May  Norwegians fill the streets with cheers and flags in celebration of Norway’s constitution, adopted in 1814; in all nationwide. It’s high day which every one looks very happy and enjoy as much possible he can.The day start as usually by the children’s parades, made up of school classes marching with the school band through the local community. Most of the children carry small Norwegian flags and all the route is lined enthusiastic onlookers.  For many this is the one day of the year where the supply of ice cream and hot dogs in endless. Most people dress in their best national dress “The bunad” on this occasion.  The bunad varies in appearance from region to region and the magnificient sight of national costumes from all the city even all the country as one of the raison why this day represents a celebration of norwegian traditional and history.  By the way it was not only the Norwegian who had dressed in their national dress, there was also others nationality, like  Danish which they have almost same costume, heavy coat, same colour as they have  on their flag blue, Red and white as well their language it’s almost similar ,… May is the month when spring really bloom in Norway I should say in all scandinavia country and each one feel like happy, safe,… where more particularly the children look so cheerful and ask whatever they want  like :  icecream and eat as much they can.  However this day is Norway’s national and constitution day (signed 1814)  is celebrated as the most norwegian there is.  Nationalisme, Patriotisme (after the occupation during world war two and 100 year of union with sweden) and of course the signing of their constitution and as well the spring time after a long dark and cold winter.

April 2011


 The season of Lent in Christian churches around the world begin with service on Ach Wednesday (Kwisiga ivu in our mother tongue)  to April.  Then month of April is annually a good time as christian whereby we celebrate the resurrection of the Lord (Jesus Christ) on Easter Sunday, this year it will be on 24 April 2011.  As Christian we believe that Jesus Christ came back to life, or was raised from dead, three days after his death on the cross.    But here in Europe I realised that there are some thing as confusion regarding of  what Easte Sunday is all about??  For some Easter Sunday it’s about the Easter Bunny, colorefully decorated Easter eggs, Easter eggs hunts,… whereas in Ireland a young Lamb is one of the symbole of Easter.   By the way most people understand that Easter sunday has some thing to do with the resurrection of Jesus Christ. In the christian faith, Easter come to mean the celebration of the resurrection of Christ.  It is the oldest christian holiday and the most important day of the church year because of the signification of the crucifixion and the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the events upon which christianity is based. Easter Sunday is preceded  by the season of Lent 40 days periode of fasting and repentance in Holy week and followed by a 50 day Easter.


  On this thursday we had a visite from Novgorod  Red Cross (Russia) at Aust-Agder Red Cross Office, it was a great pleasure to meet again those members of Red Cross.  Their objective were to improve the best cooperation between Novgorod Red Cross and Aust-Agder Red Cross, at the same time we got a good presentation about their activities as Russia  youth Red Cross, how they did to recruite and  increase the number of volunteers, by working either with local branch, municipatility, social protection service,…  to achieve their plan. The donation action of hot meal to around 1809 children unable or poor and support of their education; they worked also with the old people as well with Young youth in the school or the place where they should find easly and discuss how they have to prevent  against HIV, alcool abuse, tobaco smoking, drug addiction,… It was very interesting and was the way to know how we should use or apply those system of activities in our community.


March 2011


The weather is finally warming up, after a long time of winter, the beginning of spring looks well. I should say the spring has started in the 4th week of march. By the way I visite every day the webside of weather forecast, what degree of temperature it will come soon, the time will have. But actually now the day is longer than night which it’s very nice and encouraging to pass all your day in achieving your plan.


Faciliting in First Aid Instruction on 02rd March 2011

 At Arendal Red Cross House, the Rescue Team had planned to give instructions about First Aid course to more than  sixty Participants who have differents nationalities. It was interesting and curious.  First Aid is the provision of initial care for an illness or injury,  It is usually performed by a non-expert person means any person who had trained, to a sick or injured person until definitive medical treatment.   It generally consists of a series of simple and in some cases, potentially life-saving techniques that an individual can be trained to perform with minimal equipment.  From 10Am to 2Pm we have divided in two group to facilitate a way and task  information about it.

All participants seem to be  interesting and among of them had little bit  knowledge for far a way.   A course has started by ABC instruction stands of Airway, Breathing and Circulation.  They got  CPR  Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is also a lifesaving technique useful in many emergencies including heart attack or near drawning, in which someone’s breathing or heartbeat has stopped,…  In general to have First Aid Knowledge is very important in whatever life and anywhere because the difference between doing something and doing nothing  could be save someone’s life.

Presentation of Rwanda Country to KIA  21st March 2011

KIA ( Kristent Interkulturelt Arbeid)  Big multicultural Christians group with vision to work towards more multicultural fellowship in collaboration with society, this monday on 21th March from 6Pm to 8Pm at the meeting room of KIA i Arendal, I did presentation of our Country Rwanda and Mission of Rwanda Red Cross even support from Norwegian Red Cross too and ending eventually by Youth Red Cross Program,  the reason of our spending time in Norway. Afterward I got time to dance rwandese music which normally they had recorded for long time ago and singing  from their ownCD;   it’was Gospel similary of our culture through dancing.  The evening were very wonderful and successful.

Landscape of Rwanda

Rwandese Dance (Gospel: Ni wowe Rutare Rwanjye)


IRAQ and IRAN  NEW YEAR  23 March 2011

  This wednesday inKafe Kameleon (Red Cross women group) we have celebrated  New Year for Iraqi or Iranian. Normaly they celebrated every 21st March annually.  Holding together from 6Pm to 8Pm at Arendal Red Cross House,  it was interesting through theirs origine story which is called Persian New Year it’s depending of how they call it either Norooz , Navruz or Nowruz celebrations whereby many countries of central of Asia and western Asia observed and celebrated it; particulary Iran, Irak, Albania, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Syria, Turkey, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, part of India…  Nowruz  marks the first day of spring and the beginning of the year in Iranian calendar.

The celebration is truly old, the ancient Iraqis used the Luna Year and they celebrated on the day of the astronomical verna equinox which usually is on March 21 means the Sun is  observed to be directly over the equator, and the north and the south poles of the Earth lie along the solar terminator; sunlight is evenly divided between the north and the south hemispheres. They said normally the preparation begins a month prior to the festival where people do house cleaning, plant trees, make new dresses, paint eggs, make great variety of national cuisine, fried kishmish (raisins) and nuts (govurga),  several lighted candles one for each member of the household, a few branches of Yas is used in almost all old Iraqi ceremonies ,smal tradition earthenware  water jugs filled with water,… In general each items had meaning and symbolise their events.  The evening was very interesting and I never knew others new years celebrations except the normal New Year celebration of Roman Calendar made by 365days called Gregorian Calendar. By the way there others as The Chinese New Year, The vietnamese New Year, The Tibatan N.Y, The Assyrian N.Y, Tamil N.Y, Kutchi N.Y,…




As we are on child soldiers week, yesterday 07th february, we had a meeting with international youth group in Arendal Red Cross House to talk about child soldier issues and planned what we should contribute on 12th february at the Red Hand Day.  We had time of presentation means power point and movie with story of some children who had been  soldiers in their life.

Therefore  it’s understandable to stop this manipulation of children and improve on the contrary their life, respect their right as protection, education, fondness,… Forasmuch as they are the most precious and fragile things in the world.  While as one goes along the number of child soldiers every day increase  in worldwide and more than three hundred thousand children Boys and Girls under the age 18 are abducted  or forced into fighting wars;  used as commanders, fighters, detectors, porters, sex slaves to guarantee daily food, money, survival,… These children are sent to destructive military battles, they are reduced to being slaves for their commanders; female child soldiers often become victims of sexual abuse.  Although, it’s unbelievable and horrific, children are not soldiers.  We have to protest using child soldiers;  and contribute on Red Hand day (12th february) as symbol to say no to child recruitment and the use of child soldiers. It’s will be an effective way to put pressure on gorvenments and non-governmental armed groups which use child soldiers. Those who still recruit people younger than 18 years of age should no longer be exempt from punishnment.

 Stop using child soldiers  



 This last thursday we enjoyed well with same youth member of Red Cross multinational group, we got before instructions about how they should be   member of group and we was impatient to find out what Magnus had planned as quiz games.  Afterwards a quiz has been enrolled good divided in five groups by two person;  the goal was to find out the names of differents drawing with three minutes by question which comprise of  six questions; it was looks like a really kids games but it was interesting and funny even if there was same difficultes questions like to find the symbol of different Aust-Agder Comune.  Otherwise, those time means that we should not ignore  the way to be happy of entertainment as hobby because it’s very important in our life and it was as well a way to know and communicate each other.

RED HAND DAY ON 12th February 2011

On saturday at Arendal city in front of Culture House we had made stand with Tromøy youth group from twelve o’clock to three PM in order to contribute in the initiative to stop the use of child soldiers ” International Red Hand Day” about en hundre tretten red hand agree by soaking their hand to red colour and getting stain on a tablecloth in order to refuse the recruitment and use of children under 18 in armed conflicts by armed groups even regular government forces. They were curious to know what happen with almost citizen around with one red hand and after message;  they are agreed directly and did also. It was successful day. I should say it’s since 2002 the Red Hand Day has been celebrated annually and worldwide whereby it’s way to draw attention to the situation of child soldiers.



  This wednesday we have been in Granestua with Red Cross Rescue Team with also all materials we will need. Arriving about  6Pm45 place surrounding by big forest, so we have been divided in three group and got different way by an objective to know  how we should search out missing persons in forest with bad area   lots of wind, so cold, too much snow by use of map and following the instruction from chief.

Otherwise, it was  an interesting exercise whereby I pretended to have broken my leg with intention to see what’s will be happen and how they will manage to help, rescue and how they could provide aid in darkness  in using their own  materials in few time. Formidable and impressible way system they done. I should say they are Expert Rescue Volunteer Team.

January 2011


Each year at 00:00 we celebrate throughout the world the end and beginning of New Year. Why did we celebrate it? Did we recognize that among of us are sick for long time whether in the hospital or at home , other are victim of injustice, violence, war, failed their life and doesn’t be able to enjoy the day? 

Do we cast back of our achievement  and effort we made until now?   Do we able to acknowledge wonderful landscape, marvellous creature around us? Do we know who we are and what we have? What we need and goal of this new Year?The solution and Resolution are when we resolve never to do something again.  We set an intention and follow through with a determination to succeed. Easy to spent some quiet time really thinking about some realistic goals, the real life in the whole wide world, what matter, issues through the lack of peace, poverty, natural disaster, despairing, sickness,… and think what we could contribute to support on.  For instance take time to visite or talk to some of your friends, family, neighbour who is dispirited, do anything else you think will be meaningful; may be this action will probably raise their spirit and show that you know what happening and your assistance. It’ ll give you a little bit  lesson about life  and make you happy of your action.   It’ll be way to reach your goal, instead of finding reason of your weakness lesser than other; and try to be open to change, to meeting new people, say yes to opportunity and yes to learning along the way. Afterwards, try to respect everyone, given your time and make sure that you will likely be thankful for the time you had together and make your way.



 It was our great pleasure to get invitation from Inger Nygaard, wise ladie from Norwegian Red Cross Headquarters for talking and presenting about African Red Cross specially Rwanda Red Cross whereby she had been in service for more than 5years working with financing from Norwegian Red Cross to Africa Society Red Cross made up of  Tchad, Sudan, Kenya, Rwanda,…. She took time to talk about activity and issues from african society as experience and support. Afterwards we got time also to introduce  Rwanda Red Cross Activity in General and Support from Norwegian Red Cross and our experience as youth delegate , time we spent until now. The Group Rotary Clud were interest with some question and the evening was wonderful.



 VISIT HISØY 21th January 2011

On Friday evening at 6Pm we have taken boat from Arendal to Hisøy with almost all youth member of Multinational group as visit and kind of meeting with all members. We had had good time, walking until almost on mountaintop finding where there are small shed to warm up. It was not easy to overheat wood through the weather, was so cold and we arrived to make some vaffel and pølse as planned;  Afterwards we got time to discuss and talk about different subject then A Leader of Groupe Magnus Christiansen  took time to inform next program of cause  plan of activities.  The evening was successful and interesting.


WINTER CAMP AT TROMS FROM 27th January to 31st

 This winter camp  prepared by Troms Red Cross held at Haraldvollen was successful event with sixty one participants from fifteen nationalities. Arriving on Thusday with sudanese delagates we had done small meeting to know the  plan and what will going on throughout our time at Troms; North of Norway with special weather almost the darkness all-day but it’was excited to discover new place and wonderful as well. Therefore different course both in Norwegian and English were planned as well as a lot of teambuilding and fun activity even though inside or oustide.

According to Winter Camp schedule as youth delegate some how we had responsability to hold some course planned  like  Red Cross Youth Introduction & Youth Delegate Program by Nepalese Delegate and Migartion Course by Rwandese Delegate helped with Mme Lotte our National Contact Person all at once those courses were  assisted by some practical activity as teambuilding to motivate and put over the message.   Aside from Course, meeting, outdoors games, we had got time to visit big city of Troms, Polar Zoo  whereby it was awesome and interesting  to see different North animals as Wolf, Polar, Bambi,…  The camp was well planned and we had met new person volunteer from Russia, Italia, German, … where we had also time to know each othet and exchange adress.     


December Activity 2010

HIV/AIDS Day 01 December 2010


HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection, attacks the immune system. It eventually causes AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). First is recognised in the United States in 1981. AIDS increases the risk of many infections and tumours.

Transmission of HIV is through sex, using infected needles and in the womb. Infected children are not shown here. HIV/AIDS often has an acquired social stigma. Almost 39 million people around the world are living with HIV – slightly more than the population of Poland. Nearly two – thirds of them live in Sub-Sahara Africa.The global HIV/Aids epidemic killed 2.8 million peoplein 2005. But there was evidence that the number of new cases had stabilised for the first time in 25 years. Our Mission as Young youth we have to fight against this pandemic, through new researches, new discoverie, new studies, new information we will find the way to stop it and to spread the consequences of it because everytime and everywhere, there’s always something happening in the world of HIV which we live.



On 4th December from 10Am to 3Pm with all Arendal Youth Red Cross Volunteer were ready to spread HIV/AIDS issues in the big Supermarket in Arendal, as well as it’s big issue in world where today with more than 33 peoples living with or affected by HIV; we have responsability to contribue in promoting prevention education, to announce what happens of it.

However it was HIV week ; we had Stand, christmass tree decorated in HIV Red Ribbon in order to wish them merry christmass and different booklets included the information about HIV, symptoms, consequences, protection,treatment.. and we handed out with condoms to persons over 16year and chocolat to kids. It was so funny to see the reaction after reading message on our tee-shirt “Jeg har HIV, tør du klemme meg?” means “I have HIV, could you give me hug?” they was afraid but the second message behind tee-shirt contradicted the first on, ” I have not HIV” it’was way to know how you could get HIV and How you have to pay attention. The day was wonderful and we had be able to disperse the message and got more who was curious of what happens.


HELP FLOOD VICTIMS IN PAKISTAN    Collect Money    11th December 2011

In Pakistan, heavy monsoon rains have washed away homes,  shops and livelihoods  last july 2010 and affected the Indus River Basin. Approximately one-fifth of Pakistan’s total land area was underwater and where the floods directly affected 20 million people, mostly by destruction of property, livelihood and infrastructure,… whereby the humanitarian organization has resquest a half  a billion in humanitarian aid even United Nations acknowledged said that the shortage of the most basic supplies as shelter, food, clothes through the climate issues.  So as youth volunteer of Red Cross Society, multinational youth group of Arendal had ambition to contribute to humanitarian aid and we decided to collect money as activity. On one week end of December where we could meet many people who get ready for christmas, we made stand  in the middle of Arendal City in front of big Culture  House; we brought also food, for ease of Gløgg and Risgrøt on hotplate as well as is Norwegian meal and culture during Christmas time in order to motivate people as much as possible to give away money in the Red Cross Box or to buy Gløgg or Risgrøt of 2o kroner by cup and we handed out booklets of Information about Pakistan helps and some new of Arendal Red Cross Youth Activity. The activity was done very well and we had been able to collect no less money almost five thousant kroner. Likewise, they still need helps as clean water, sanitary food, housing, medical care, warm clothes during winter on North Region such as Sindh, Punjab. those are our capacity and effort in contribution; then let go with your possiblity if you know any way to get involved




CHRISTMAS & NEW YEAR HOLIDAY AT MERKET  from 22th December to 2nd January 2011

It was great pleasure to find out new place in Norway with New areas. During my christmas vacation, I had chance to learn Norwegian Culture and live with many different people from Norway.  I was excited to meet again delegate from Sudan who we spent together all two weeks at Merket.  We tried to take part as many activities possible and we enjoyed the programme.  First week until 27th december  we was with twelve family and six volunteer and second week it was time with about (32)  thirty two mentally handicapped, both weeks was wonderful, i got time to learn ski, we went at Hemsedal center, big place specialized for ski. I was so afraid because it was my first time on ski, I don’t know how many time I falled down but I liked so.  We went as well looking for chrismas trees in the wood, to the church, Harabakken and during evening at firewood place,… Christmas evening was very good planned, we got time to taste delicious christmas meal,singing, dancing and children got gift from Santa Claus. Even on 31st december with mentally handicapped, the evening was wonderful, we enjoyed with them, even if it was difficulte to communicate but they get through to us.  We had time for playing some funny games with all, dancing and time of fireworks display at midnight and wishing .  It was so cold someday minus thirty degree but we had been able to follow all program where took place a lot of time outside in the snow. I appreciated Red Cross Activity of Merket for helping unfit person as charitable act.

November Activity 2010

KILANDSENTERET 5th November to 7th November

Migration & Child Soldier Course

We started our first week of November by attending Migration and Child Soldier Course with sixteen Youth volunteer included in three youth group of Arendal and 2 youth from Kragerø (Tellemark) from 5th to 7th at Kilandsenteret.

The both course were interesting : Migration given by Lene Lad member of National Youth Board responsable of migration and communication with vieuw to inform young youth about the humanitarian consequences of conflict, natural disaster, why the people move within and beyond the borders, the cause and consequence of migration insofar as they could be involved to take responsability to spread the importance of Human Right guideline and take part in making mobilize action either as arranging compaign, making posters in order to implore the demeanour of Norwegian where the young people migrant are neglected and carry out activity together, that it’s will be way to stay with unity and peace country

With Child Soldier movie, we couldn’t imagine how it’s so sad and unbeleivable to see young children ignorent, innocent between 8 to 15year old even 5 involved in military campaign and treat as adult kidnapped or lured by the promise of food, protection, better life and serve as combattants or porters, spies, detectors, sexual slaves especially young girl are raped. This worst action have to be stopped, Young youth Norwegian had took part to fight those manipulation and support on Protocol to the convention on the Rights of the childs which prohibiting it. It is as well possible despite the social and moral wound of war, those child soldier could be heal, get education, reconciliation, family integration, protection, culture support and be integrated with equal rights in the society. Nevertheless, every young or Parents throughout the world has role to spread those action even if there many organisation behind this injury recruitment which try to set out International convention on the Rights of the childs.

POLITICS MIGRATION AT HARADSHEIM 12th November to 14th Novermber

About 40 Young Youth volunteer from different Local Red Cross youth Group invited to participate on Migration trainning made up of different organization course such as BURO (Barne Og Ungdomsrådet i Oslo), NRC (Norwegian Refugees Council), NOAS (the Norwagian Organization Asylum Seekers)… in order to talk and give them knowledge about Young Children asylum seekers and Asyluum Seekers life in global. Can you know the reason or consequence to be refugees as young children which they couldn’t decide to be subject of their situation. They must have right to enjoy their own childhood either as attention to the rights of special protection and care, tenderness, right to have biological parents & human identity as well as the basic needs for food, schoolfees, health care,…

As their goals are to response to children the basic needs, to assist persons displaced due to conflict, to achieve durable solutions and to fulfil their rights, to provides legal aid or welfare assistance to persons who seek and/or have been granted asylum status those organizations (BURO, NRC, NOAS, …) have given an overvieuw on in order to help Red Cross Volunteer to take part and assiste of those children asyluum seekers issues through teambuilding, games,… What they could do themself in their Red Cross Local activity, the way they should use to help those asylum seekers in integration life. The trainning was very interesting.


Leave from Arendal to Kristiansand town at 5Pm with almost ten Young Youth from Multinational Red Cross Group and we took 1 hour on the road to Kristiansand Museum. The visit was very interesting and so sad, I didn’t know the Norwegian History, how they have been subject and victim of the horrific conflicts during the 2nd War World 1933-1945 of Hitler’s Racial ideology; the horrible system he did to kill Jews and those who were tight on them, the extermination camp installed.

How approximately 6million Jewish Men, Women and Children were systematically murdered in those extermination or death camps located in Eastern Europe. It so disagreeable the Genocide did name THE NAZI GENOCIDE OF THE JEWS, aside this Jews Genocide, there was as well Armenia Genocide in 1915, Guatemala Genocide in 1982, Bosnia Genocide in 1995 and in our Country Rwanda Genocide 1994 where Million people died in the space of 100day killed by grenade, machette,.. horrible action; in this time the sudanese in darfur undergo the persecution, those horrible conflict kind of Genocide have to be stopped and Human Right Organization even other Society Organization behind try to set out their own power and applicate the Humanity Convention, to protecte the victim.


Since longtime thinking about Rwandese Social Evening, I was proud to reveal our culture, our home in general; as our futur plan for this month, I had time to organize all needs, went to differents supermarkets to find out spices box, vegetables to make african food where I got it in different places. Time to cook it, it’s seems like all- day which as usually we need various Kitchen material and time to serve directly from cooker because Rwandese food is delicious when we take it warm as all warm meal. The Evening was in Cafetaria Room in Arendal RØde Kors House and Many of Youth Volunteer and RØde Kors members had confirm to come through the invitation, about twenty five and they respected time as usually.

With traditional dress, we started at 6Pm as planned by small Rwanda tourism movie and we took time to taste Rwandese food such as amateke (Kind of Potatoes), igitoki (Banane with oignons,..), Beans, meat, Sweet Potatoes,… Afterwards, we had an overvieuw of Rwanda as country of Africa, climate, populations, … how it looks like and show them Rwandese culture through dancing,, traditional legend,… The evening was nice and admirable. I take apportunity to thanks so to their participation and helping during this evening.

INSPIRATION GATHERING 26th to 28th November

On 26th Friday evening at Skien, almost twenty two youth volunteer from different East Place as Kragero, Tvedestrand, skien,… was arrived to attend gathering planned by Skien Local youth group with Sudanese Youth delagate Elbadawi &Mortada. Started by sudanese food and social games to motive youth by own presentation and giving the instruction, plan for the following days.

On saturday was Migration and Child Soldier Course where they identified the main cause, consequences, reason and got guideline as activity they could do and plan. Afterward, we shared as well Rwandese & Nepali food and presented movie about our Country then we had time of games and dance. Next day, it was Recruitment course and they talking also about The Strategie of Youth Red Cross 2009-2011 and Red Cross in general, their role and mission, if they remind to plan their activity regarding the Youth strategie 2009-2011 and they discuss as well on humanitarian catastrophic challenge and humanity activity in Norway they could improve as to try to set against Racisme & Discrimination, Drug Problem, Youth Criminality,… the week end was interesting is the way to be integrated and figure out youth activity.



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