October Act.

Kilandsenter Place

Kilandsenter Place

Wonderful activity in Kilandsenter, from Monday 04th October to Friday 09th October “Kids Autumn’ s Holiday” .

It is so emotion to see young children blossom in the big center at Kilandsenter after sharing Breakfast, they went in differents way games depend on what they liked to do and other stay in big room talking with their guide : are nice University student Ladies who came just to caring and helping children; they asking many interesting question of what they need, listening music,…

It is big Young group about 36 children between 8years old and 12 years old (Boys and Girls) from each district in all over Norway identify by Aust-Agder Røde Kors and Social Security Office in order to help Young poor children unable to get holiday and to enjoy games as their right.




There are many games, they enjoy as much as possible as drawing, clumbing, Swimming, fishing, making candle, shooting, thay are also fireplace for barbecue, peinting, …

Johanna W. Universitets lektor Institutt for psykosocial helse

Afterwards, we went with kindly Ladie Johanna W. member of Grimstad District Board and Sylvester Ngoma from Tanzania both are lecturer of University, to visit Agder Teater and Universitete i Agder where she teach.

We met also her colleague Carl Christian Bahke psychosocial lecture and sharing lunch. It was so fantastic to set out all day with an intellectual, wise personne and getting her experience.



All District Youth Leader

Gathering Youth Council have been held last week-end at Sørmarka from 08 October to 10 October brought together by the same goals with a view to improve Local branch activities, following Youth Red Cross Strategy 2009-2011, District plan of action and how they have to inhance it.

This council made up of all youth district leader all over country (North, South, Western and Est) almost 50 participants.

Youth in group

They discussing about ” the child soldier compaign” in order to speak out what is happing to them, how are usually forced to live under harsh conditions with insufficient food and little or no access to healthcare. They are almost always treated brutally, subjected to beatings and humiliating treatment. Girl soldiers are particularly at risk of rape, sexual harassment and abuse as well as being involved in combat and other task because Youth in Norway have the power and the ability to influence the Norwegian government to participating in Rule of Children right and fight against this manipulation in the world.

They talking also about what should be good way and strategies through games and local activities in order to recruit new youth member.

 After long day of gathering  we had got as well  relaxing time in the evening, (little demostration of Rwandese dance)  


LILLESAND PLACE 20th October 2010

Møglestu Videregående Skole

Early in the morning we went with Leader of Aust-Agder Røde Kors Kari Thorson and Fabian as contact person to lillesand place where A Global Dignity day scheduled in secondary School “Møglestu videregående skole”.

Normally, 20th october is a International Global Dignity day and they celebrate it every year in order to implement the universal right of every human being to lead a dignified life.

So It was planned at secondary school around young youth in an effort to instill and inspire new good life guideline, to be more positive, inclusive and interconnected value proposition for their lives as they grow into adulthood and to try to follow their 5 principle such as your own dignity is interdependent with the dignity of others, having the freedom to make decisions on one’s life and to be met with respect for this right.

Otherwise, the dignity approach works on all levels: for children, for adults, on the micro and macro level and is an autonomous non-profit, non criticism and non-partisan so if every one had dignity for himself and know it, we will live in respect and peace world.

Through our continent which is on way to increase, we still need enough respect and dignity as trust and honesty, giving each other space, non violence, trying to understand your partner’s vieuwpoint, no pressuring the other person,… then we will get the best continent.


Witness Group

Small and Wise group inquisitive to know the work of our Justice system after Genocide in particular “Gacaca Court”; How it was our way to get peace and reconciliation among Rwandese.

For 45minutes including some questions, first of all we presented overvieuw of our country then our justice system and origine, structures, mandate of Gacaca court system, which has evolved from traditional cultural communal law in order to put justice partially into the hands of the victims, where they could discuss and take their own settlement according by law (The justice rule). The group was interested and thought that it should be a good way for conflict country : to be able to know and accept your error responsability and to be malleable to pardon.


Traditional Dance

Social evening organised by Kameleonkvinnene, Woman group from Aust-Agder Røde Kors in order to divide up our culture and to make ownself together with them.

It is woman group as objectif to provide opportunities for them to help themselves and other person because everyone has a skill, ability and advice that will benefit among of them. So It was social evening which I cooked african food as amateke, igitoki, amachou,.. and other ladies also from litauen, taiwan, colombia even norway cooked and shared meal.

We presented also overvieuw of our country, our culture, the capacity and Right of Rwandese woman, how they took 56% of contested seats in Rwanda’s Parliament and they still have culture responsability as heart of family, to care their children and respect their husband. Afterward, we discussed with some question about Woman’s emancipation in Rwanda then I took place to show them our traditional dance so far as they survey our traditional music.

National Contact Person Visit 28th October 2010

So happy to meet again our National Contact Person (Monika Andersen) in our District; we spent good time, shared Lunch with district Red Cross workers, made small presentation of our activity achieved during two last month in Arendal, we got as well many advise in order to achieve our task such as to look forward on our work description before planning any activity, to cooperate with almost all youth branche and District Youth Board,… The Day was wonderful, interesting and cool, hope to receive other visitors soon.


Russia Visite

Russia Visit 30 september to 04 October 2010

Side of Pulkovo Airport (Petersburg)
Side of Pulkovo Airport (Petersburg)

We arrived at Pulkovo Airport ( Saint Petersburg) with safe journey but very excited and with overtiredness. Big delegation of 30 persons : 17 Youth Volunteer from different South Norway districts (same of Multinational group, International Group,…) and 13 Officers from Vest-Agder Red Cross, Kristiansand RC, Aust-Agder RC, Grimstad RC and Tromøy Red Cross, most of them are chairman and member of Red Cross district boards and we was in same hotel.

On Friday 01 October, we had getting presentation of Novgorod Red Cross and next Vest-Agder Red Cross by Tor Damkås (Deputy Chairman of Vest-Agder RC) who set out the main activity of Norway Red Cross Organisation which made up in 3 categories : 1st Red Cross Youth (National Board, 19 District Boards and 400 Local Branches); 2nd Red Cross Search and Rescue Corps (Lessons and training First Aid and Rescue, fundraising, media information,…) 3rd Red Cross Care (Holiday camp for children in family, course for new volunteer twice a year, support&cooperation with volunteer in care activities in local branche,…)

TPYƂЍYЍHCK AЯ ШKOɅA (Norvogorod School)

Afterwards we visited Novgorod City and we visited the soup kitchen in trubichino village and school where they help unable and poor young student to follow lessons from 9Am to 3Pm and they gotten Soupe and Polish during lunch as motivation to stay at school.

In the week-end we worked in two groups (Youth and Adult). It was an overload days, Presentation of International Humanitarian Law by Zita Asdal & Tone Louise Svendsen and we presented Activee choice (STD/ HIV) with Oswald and Malin Tellefsen.

Then, we had Novgorod youth Red Cross by Lena Krohotkina (Russia Youth Leader) where their main activity is focus in 4 areas : 1st. Prevention youth volunteer in tobacco smolling, alcohol abuse, drug and HIV/Aids; 2nd. Growth of information about RC History and IHL; 3rd. Work with children participating in social welfare program; 4th. First Aid Course and Frundraising activities. They have also Team Building Events such as Camping in Novgorod, Participating in experience exchange with Norwegian Red Cross, surviving rally,… We maked divers groups with several topic in HIV /Aid and we discused on; we had also many games; we gotten also Subject “To be Perfect Leader” by Jannike Toft Lorentzen (Aust-Agder Youth Leader).

Novgorod Place (Play wood)

Novgorod Place (Play wood)

Our time in Russia was very funny andwonderful, I expeted to meet highest, special, largest country but is normal like other Europe country, with the lonest highway and they need to increase IT technologies. I had also an exchange from Room Meeting to Hotel, for them It was near as well as are their country but It was so far 1 hour by walking otherwise we enjoyed as big groups.

Saint Petersburg City
Saint Petersburg City

We had nice and cool Farewell on Sunday evening, sharing Pizzat, dancing with special musician, we appreciated the evening but so hard as was last day with Russia youth.

On Monday, all of us were very happy to go back to Norway, before attending Airport, we had time to visite Saint Petersburg city, tour around the city, where I gotten challenge which those Guy with traditional dress asked money (100 Russia francs by picture) after taking many pictures while I ignored it.
Anyway, Russia visit was good and big experience in my life, even travelling in big Norway delegation, it was chance and fabulous time. We enjoyed it and keeping a lot of memories in working and in life.


YOUTH ACTIVITY (Migration) 4th September 2010

Migration Activity

I participated in my First Youth Activity among three main activities : Rules of War, Sexual Health and Migration was about the last on, in “Migration Activities” by Norwegian Red Cross Youth in Oslo on saturday from 11Am to 3Pm.

The activity was on the road (Walking) from Norwegian Red Cross Office to the Parliament place, as a role play which aims is to give Norwegian the real life about being refugees and Norwegian Red Cross Prevention during migration; to spread information and understanding of refugees’ situation even to combat human trafficking.

Among over them (volunteers) plays as soldiers other as refugees and have to escape from somalie to Norway; they have to seek for asylum. It is good way to send message; so, was nice and intersting games.


Nice AUST-AGDER ( Arendal ) 6th September 2010

This is my second day in Aust-Agder (Arendal), I was very happy to meet The Red Cross Workers and find new place even our apartment after a hard separation with the Nepal Youth Delagate Nils&Praju living to Trøms, Sudanese Delegate (Mortada & Elbadawi) to Telemark Yesterday at the bus station place and Norwegian Youth Delegate (Cathrine & Hans) who are in Nepal.

The separation was difficult after 3 weeks together, 2 weeks in Haralsheim during Red Cross Training and 1 week Fredskorpset course where we gotten the important knowledge : living and working abroad + coping with stress in field, IHL, Migration, Compaigning, rule of war, conflict management, etc… all of them were very interesting and necessary in order to perform our task and also for my futur activity. I am sure and proud to apply what I learnt and was a basic knowledge before each departure to abroad.

Now we just had a wonderful meal and time with Red Cross workers of Aust-Agder (Arendal) in order to wish us welcome and told us a bit more about youth activity and Aust-Agder life and we were so inquisive to our first day program planned by our contact person “Ellee” which were enthusiast and interesting.


HØYVEIEN LIFE 13th September 2010

 First week in Høyveien (Arendal) where I will spending my time for nine months, was wonderful, quiet town near by the Atlantique Ocean (SKAGERAT fjorder) which move along smoothly, simple and calm neighbbour; we met an international youth group and on friday evening we had warm welcome party organize by Aust-Agder Youth Leader (Jannike) and her colleagues; in general were multinational groups and same district leader group of Aust-Agder as Tvedestrand Leader, we kept contact and planned some activity meeting.

Likewise, I was so impressed when Jannike youth Leader came and cooked good pizzat on saturday evening with us, this action showed me to be friendly, humble and sharing knowledge so it was fantastic. Now am ready to start Norwegian cours, in this evening after small meeting with our contact person “Ellen” about week program activity.


Just three weeks in Arendal District , I spent good time, we discover different interesting knowledge, the Norwegian course every tuesday evening for 2 hours with curious classmates, which during during Break we practice lesson in making conversation as Hvordan har du det? og Hvordan går det? Hva heter du? Hvor kommer du fra og gammel er du? Snaker du norsk? ” Beginner classe” hope to speak norwegian soon.

Otherwise, last weekend (17th – 18th september), we had an interesting Migration Course by Lotte and Ungdom Røde Kors course by Anniken & Ingvild (Last Youth Delegate for soudan 2009-2010) . The participant was from different youth group, we had talk about how we could organize and plan the youth comming activities as Prevention against STD, Active Choice(HIV/Aid) training, Environmental Protection, International Humanitarian Law,…

This week, we met Tvedestrand Youth group in order to know and help them tha Board Election, they had choose 2 members and there was 3 candidates : KATRINE TORBJØNSDAL; MARCUS LØVDAL and KARL OTTO FREDRIKSEN. Then, it was MARCUS LØVDAL who was elected and KARL OTTO.

VIVAN ELISE BERTHELSEN DRAGSETH who has sign on the Protocol. The Election meeting was wonderful.


Arrive at 06Pm with 1 hour and 20 minute by Bus from Arendal. Wonderful town near by the sea.. We realise that Kristine Grimstad youth leader waiting us and show us the way to youth red cross room.

During meeting, we presented Rwanda Red Cross Youth Program, movies of Rwanda Youth Activities and planned the comming activities as visiting Schools and asylum seeker (from Afghanistan); helping the persons who disappear in the forest during winter,; participation in Arendal Youth group activities(as collect of Pakistan needs,…).

Grimstad Røde Kors Youth made up of Anne Kristine Utskot, Guro Fosseli Andersren, Therese Thomasser and Hilde Eliza Sjursø, is small and best group cool, nice and in the hope of doing well.


August at Oslo

COMING TO OSLO 10th August 2010

One week ago, arrived in host country (Norway) with norwegian warm welcome, we was excited and ready to work for 10 month since 8 months ago waiting for this moment.

I didn’t believe it, but after receiving 1YBT week trainnig at Sørmarka, I felt hopeful getting grace to be delegate and to fulfil our assignment.

This is Oswald from Rwanda Red Cross, Elbadawi&Mortada from Sudanes Red Crescent and Sigri last youth Delegate for Rwanda (2009-2010).


FREDSKORPET WEEK 16th August 2010

Fredskorpet Youth Program was wonderful, from 16th August to 20th August 2010, the course were interesting as safety and security, STD,… especialy about Personnal Challenges culture (What we expeted to meet during our stay in abroad) taught by Peter Hallis, we met different friends most of them was Norwegian, other from Latino America and Africa from 13 country and about 60 participants. It was plce of exchange knowledge and preparing way of our task.

RED CROSS TRAINING 23th August to 03rd September

Red Cross Youth Delegate 2010-2011

Now we are in the end of our first Red Cross Trainning week, It was long and hard week, we presented Rwanda Red Cross Activity, Youth Program and had inspiration course as First Aid Course, Report Writing, Projet Planning, Presentation technique and Blogging by Svein-Egil Jøgensen, all of them were very interesting.

We had also little bit knowledge about Norwegian Youth Activity, when we was at Hight School for 50 minute talking about Rec Cross Activity and recruit New members. This week we met our Contact Person from District “Ellen” of Aust-Agder (Arendal).

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